Repicci's Italian Ice of Little Rock
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Wherever you find Repicci's you find people having fun!
Our premium product is hand dipped from our temperature controlled freezers assuring freshness  and variety and has the consistency of fresh ice cream, in a colorful fruit flavored Fat free, Cholesterol free, Dairy Free novelty dessert treat. Our product is enjoyed by young and old and is a refreshing upscale alternative to ice cream, shaved ice or snow cone products. 

Repicci's Italian Ice is sold by the scoop of approximately 6 oz.
Making good times better!!!!
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    Our current flavors:

    Blue Rasberry
​    Pina Cola
    Green Apple
    Sugar free - tangerine

Product information

Source:  Coheso, inc., Personal Diabetes Management Programs

Serving size: 6oz.

Comparison of Nutrional Values for Concession Items

                                                    Cal/0z               Sugar gr/oz

M & M's                                       140                          18.5
Sinckers                                      140                           15.0
3 Musketeers                             130                           20.0
Skittles                                         125                           11.0
Hershey Bars                            115                            11.0
Chocolate Chip Cookies        110                           17.0
Vanilla Ice Cream                      70                             6.2
Chocolate Ice Cream                65                             7.7
Dipping Dots                               38                             7.3
Dr. Pepper                                    20                            4.5
Pepsi                                               18                              4.5
Coca Cola                                      18                              4.5

Repicci's Italian Ice            14                       4.5